Three Generations, One Dream

Dyshawn cares for her mother Darcell, and for her 11-year-old daughter Damaiya. The three of them share a small basement-level apartment on the east side of town. When she thinks about a home of her own, the sense of ownership is the most appealing part. “It’s something you can call yours, that you can work for.” As a childcare provider, Dyshawn's work with infants is fulfilling but exhausting. She is tired of the noise of apartment life and of having to move her family frequently. All three Adams women look forward to the peace and quiet of the new neighborhood, which will give Damaiya a chance to practice her new hobby of bicycling. They also are looking forward to visiting the Govans Farmers' Market and being close to Dyshawn's favorite mall in Towson.

Dyshawn and Damaiya are both looking forward to having their own bedrooms that they can decorate and find peace in. Damaiya is already planning to decorate in her favorite colors and patterns—pink and zebra print—and Dyshawn is excited to cook in the large kitchen. As she puts it, “my daughter is in charge of decorating, my mother is in charge of furniture, and I’m in charge of paying for it all."

Well into her sweat equity and homebuyer education courses, Dyshawn is enjoying the process. She has already learned how to do enough to take care of her new house, and says "people have such warm hearts and make you feel so welcome...I could be having a bad day and they say 'good morning' and 'I'm happy to see you.'"

When she decided to choose a home on McCabe Avenue, she settled on 729—in part because it is her lucky number. She even had the same number in her license plate on her first-ever car. Although excited to settle in, Dyshawn says the first thing she plans to do in her new house is to pray and to thank God: "I believe that God does answer prayers, and that He answered mine."