Mike Posko_CEO

Mike Posko

Chief Executive Officer

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As Chief Executive Officer at Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, Mike Posko values and rewards creative thinking, initiative, teamwork, commitment and performance. He draws on his training as executive coach and certified mediator to gain consensus and build motivation. Driven by challenge and undaunted by obstacles, Mike has been enthusiastically received by staff and community alike since joining the Baltimore-based Habitat affiliate in February 2012. Mike’s career encompasses over thirty years of supervisory and management experience. His background is diverse as he has worked in government, public and private sectors and industries of security and defense, finance, retail and real estate development.

Candice Van Scoy_Chief Financial Officer

Candice Van Scoy

Chief Financial Officer

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Candice is the CFO for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. Previously, she was Controller for A&R Development Corp. for more than nine years. Candice has also been the Development Controller for Struever Brothers, Eccles and Rouse, and the Controller for Lovell America Inc., a British owned land developer. She also serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the Baltimore Station . Candice graduated summa cum laude with a Finance degree from the University of Notre Dame of Maryland and received her MBA from Loyola University of Baltimore.  Candice loves working at Habitat because her work is in perfect alignment with her values. She is passionate about social justice and making the world a better place through personal service. Candice is very thankful to part of the Habitat organization.

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Mike Barb

Chief Officer of Programs and Community Engagement

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Jeffrey Smith_Major Gifts Officer

Patrick Kirby

Director of Construction

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Leila Kohler-Frueh_Community Engagement

Leila Kohler-Frueh

Director of Community Engagement

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As Director of Community Engagement, Leila is responsible volunteer and constituents management, including overseeing Faith, Youth, and Millitary/Veteran engagement.  She joined Habitat Chesapeake in 2010, shortly after moving to Baltimore from Boston.  Her interest in faith-based non-profit work that connects values with action is what drew her to Habitat.  Her educational background background is in the study of religion in public life, and her work experience includes alumni relations, and market research for film.  Her undergrad was spent at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and University of Massachusetts Boston.  She holds an MDiv from Harvard Divinity School. In addition to learning more about Baltimore neighborhoods every day, she is especially grateful to Baltimore for its gorgeous springtimes, and for being the homeplace of both Cab Calloway and Billie Holiday.

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Robert Pazornick

ReStore Director

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Matt Metzger_Director of Volunteer Engagement

Matt Metzger

Director of Volunteer Engagement

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Matt’s childhood efforts at pin-hole cameras and comic strip movies in a shoe box nurtured his passion for building and led him to a BA in Fine Art from Wheaton College.  He developed his building skills and interest in carpentry after school in the exhibits department of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  Matt finds a connection at Habitat between his conviction for social justice and his love of building.  Matt has been with the construction department of Habitat Chesapeake since 2002. His current role is multifaceted, challenging and rewarding. By managing the affiliate’s warranty service, Matt works to help people transition into homeowners during their first year of ownership. Matt is a certified building analyst with Building Performance Institute (BPI) and guides the affiliate’s efforts in green building. He manages special partnerships with other area nonprofits that have complementary services, including our Construction Apprenticeship and Youth Building program with CivicWorks. Primarily though, Matt sees his job as connecting staff, volunteers, and homeowners with the meaningful work that happens on and around Habitat construction sites. “At Habitat,” he says, “everyone participates in the the building.  Everyone gets a chance to get involved and get dirty.” Matt, his wife, and their three kids have chosen to live in a neighborhood where Habitat builds and are able to see the restorative work of Habitat in their own community.

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LaVerne Stokes

Director of Family Services

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Everlyn Anderson_Executive Assistant

Evelyn Anderson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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Evelyn enjoys navigating Mike Posko’s busy schedule, and respects his commitment to Habitat Chesapeake’s mission. She is also proud to support the nonprofit’s outstanding Executive Team. As liaison for the Board of Director’s, Evelyn makes every effort to welcome them and let them know their time is truly appreciated. Evelyn’s favorite part of her job is making people happy—and she does just that! She came on board in 2012 and promptly received the 2012 Habitat Chesapeake Happy Camper Award. Born and raised in Baltimore City, Evelyn has been happily married to her husband Karl for 29 years. They are blessed with three beautiful children and two happy little grandsons.

Jeannie Anderson_Construction Department

Jeannie Anderson

AmeriCorps Coordinator & Purchasing Manager

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Jeannie’s involvement with Habitat began on site as an AmeriCorps Construction Assistant in 2002. She served a second AmeriCorps term at a Baltimore City afterschool program with the Community Art Collaborative at MICA. A Habitat Chesapeake staff member since 2007, Jeannie manages the AmeriCorps program in addition to being part of the construction management team. Outside of Habitat, Jeannie has worked in the fields of architecture, interior design and construction. She’s a big fan of composting, gardening, yoga and chasing around her toddler son.

upload Nina Anderson

Nina Anderson

Family Services Coordinator

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Ken Waldrop

Donor Relations Manager

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Eric Bernhardt_Construction Training Manager

Eric Bernhardt

Construction Training Manager

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Eric has a construction background and a passion to help and encourage others.  His started working at Habitat Chesapeake in 2005 where he enjoys putting his faith into action. Eric’s colleagues say that if you need something done, Eric will see that it happens. That often means that he doesn’t himself–with a smile. Everyone agrees that Eric is a great candidate for a “Mr. Congeniality” award.

Renee Ferguson_Office Manager

Renee Ferguson

Office Manager

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Renee Ferguson, Office Mom…umm, I mean Office Manager. Renee Ferguson is the Office Manager for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. In this role, which she first assumed in August 2008, Renee is responsible for managing several areas within the organization, including: IT, facilities, payroll and benefits management, and administration. Renee first joined Habitat for Humanity in October of 2006 as an AmeriCorps VISTA member for the Howard County affiliate as the administrative assistant and community liaison. After completing her year with the AmeriCorps program, she was offered and accepted the role of Operations Manager for the Howard County affiliate. Following the 2011 merger of the Howard County affiliate with Habitat Chesapeake, Renee came on board as a receptionist, where she familiarized herself with the workings of the newly-formed organization. When the Office Manager position became available in 2008, Renee jumped at the chance to apply. So now, if you forget your password, she resets it; if something’s broken, she fixes it, if there’s an office party, she throws it; if you can’t find it, she’ll locate it; and if you make a mess in the kitchen, she’ll definitely let you know it!

Jerry Hazelwood_Compliance Manager

Jerry Hazelwood

Compliance Manager

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Jerry serves the affiliate as Compliance Manager for the public funds that are directed our way.  His greatest passion, however, is working in the communities where we are building in order to grow relationships with the community associations and anyone interested in our efforts toward building stronger families and neighborhoods. Jerry has been a migrant worker and has lived in seven states and on Guam Island since graduating from the University of Texas Architecture school back in the days of t-squares and ink pens. Jerry asserts that Baltimore is a great place to live and a great place to be advocating for affordable housing.

Lauren Hughes_Family Services

Lauren Hughes

Settlement Coordinator

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Lauren is a Baltimore native with a passion for nonprofit work. After graduating from American University with a degree in political science, she has spent the majority of her post-graduate professional career at Habitat Chesapeake.  She is currently seeking a Master of Public Administration from the University of Baltimore with the hopes of continuing in the field of urban development.

Assistant Administrator

Liz Kennedy

Assistant Administrator

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Twelve years ago, Liz Kennedy retired after 30 years as a Regional Director for a large East Coast company. Finding life as a retiree rather boring, Liz signed up as a volunteer for Arundel Habitat for Humanity (which later merged with Habitat Chesapeake), and now serves as an administrative assistant and “chief greeter” for Habitat Chesapeake. (We sometimes call her “fire chief,” as well, since she’s so good at putting out figurative fires!) When contacting Habitat Chesapeake, folks are likely to hear Liz’s charming British accent. With typical British humor and a twinkle in her eye, Liz greets our guests whether by phone or in person. In her spare time, Liz volunteers for The Baltimore Station and enjoys numerous hobbies, including creating beautiful artwork on canvas.

Shanita Modlin_Volunteer Engagement

Shanita Simpson

Volunteer Engagement Manager

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Born and raised in Baltimore, Shanita is no stranger to Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. Shanita began her journey as homebuyer applicant and loved Habitat so much that she just had to work for them! Shanita has a long history of editing, marketing, grant management, spearheading outreach projects, and coordinating faith-based initiatives.  The latter must make her father proud, because she is a “PK” (preacher’s kid), and is actively engaged in leading the music ministry at her father’s church. Using her English degree from Towson University and her experience with volunteer management, sprinkled with her outgoing, sparkling aura, serving volunteers is what she loves! On any given Habi-day, you can visit her Paris-adorned work space, hear her humming any of the latest tunes, and see her face light up when telling the Habitat story! No matter whether she is seen in her work boots on the construction site or in her fabulous 4-inch heels in the office, Habitat has her heart! What motivates her? Simply put- she works for the cause….not the applause!

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Betsy Wilmerding

Relationship Manager for Faith Communities, Youth and Young Adults

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Dhvani Shelat_Senior Financial Analyst

Dhvani Shelat

Senior Financial Analyst

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Jay Striby_Accountant

Jay Striby


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Jay has 10 years of experience as a Legislative Auditor for the State of Maryland, a Financial Specialist  for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and as Senior Accountant/Analyst in the private sector.  Jay says, “Working  for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake allows me to apply my skills to a great variety of situations. Every day is busy, every day is fun, and most importantly, every day is gratifying. Our partner families are so deserving of the opportunities we create that it feels great to be a part of it.”

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Monique Meadows

Grants Manager

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Brent Webb-Hicks_Accounting Manager

Brent Webb-Hicks

Accounting Manager

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Brent Webb-Hicks joined Habitat Chesapeake in September 2008, and in that time has served in a variety of finance roles, chiefly as the as the organization’s Financial Manager and Senior Financial Analyst, in addition to his current role as Accounting Manager. His chief motivation in working in the nonprofit sector, and specifically for Habitat for Humanity, is his desire to use his skills and experience to enhance the lives of the citizens of Maryland, as he believes that homeownership and financial literacy are paramount to ending rampant impoverishment. Brent is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University and will earn his MBA in Finance in the fall of 2013.

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Teresa Stephens

Marketing and Community Relations Director

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Jeffrey Smith_Major Gifts Officer

Fred Reno

Senior Site Supervisor

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Fred was in and out of the construction business for 10 years before joining Habitat. He volunteered for Habitat Chesapeake 10 years ago and later responded to a “want ad” for a Habitat construction site supervisor. Based on his “great experience with the organization,” Fred was happy to accept this position when it was offered to him nine years ago. What he likes most about his work with Habitat is looking at the finished product with pride–then turning over the keys to our hard-working, highly deserving homeowners.

Heather Cummings_Halethorpe ReStore Manager

Heather Cummings

ReStore Manager

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Heather was born in Baltimore and has never lived anywhere else. She has 25 years of retail management experience. Heather says that her three teenage children (one son and twin girls) keep her very busy. She loves the fact that her job keeps her physically active and away from a desk (except those that she moves around the showroom floor). Making a difference in her community by helping build homes for low income families, saving millions of pounds from going into the landfills, and providing discounted home improvement goods to the public is what originally brought Heather to the ReStore as a volunteer. In her spare time, she loves to listen to and collect music and go to concerts. Heather also enjoys Baltimore football and baseball.

John Braden_Pasadena ReStore Manager

John Braden

Columbia ReStore Manager

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John comes from a landscape background where he learned how to build retaining walls, patios, ponds, and more. He first came to Habitat Chesapeake as an assistant driver in 2010. Since then, he has become one of Habitat Chesapeake’s Restore Managers. John takes pride in knowing that each day he works for Habitat for Humanity, he is helping to build better communities. John’s customers agree that he is not only very helpful but always has something nice to say to everyone. In short, he keeps ’em coming back.

Jeff Arndt_Pasadena ReStore Assistant Manager

Jeff Arndt

ReStore Assistant Manager

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Jeffrey comes to us from a background in retail sales and management. He became acquainted with Habitat for Humanity about 10 months ago through the ReStore volunteer program. While donating time, he was offered a position at the Pasadena ReStore and has been proud to work for Habitat Chesapeake ever since!

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Debbie Smith

ReStore Logistics Manager

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Debbie derives great benefit from a multifaceted background with a strong construction background from being in the family rental business. As an entrepreneur, Debbie successfully owned and managed her own business. She is most proud of her family and greatly appreciates her Habitat family, as well. We say, “Ditto!”

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Fred White

ReStore Assistant Manager

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Fred graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature in the spring of 2011 and shortly thereafter started working at the Pasadena ReStore as a driver in early autumn of that year. Though initially looking for a strictly manual labor job to bide his then-immediate post-graduate status, Fred found working at ReStore to be a suitable outlet for many of his previously developed skill sets, such as time management, problem solving, and technical troubleshooting, as well as a great platform for learning more practical, retail-oriented skills like customer service and merchandising. Fred said, ” Working at ReStore has also helped me gain a broader knowledge of the application, as well as the pliability, of the wide and varied materials that are offered at our stores.”