2015 HabiTown Challenge

HabiTown Challenge

What do you get when Habitat Chesapeake invites businesses and nonprofits to participate in a building competition that will result in the construction of a miniature town in less than a day?

The HabiTown Challenge!


Fall 2015


West Shore Park, Baltimore Inner Harbor (next to the Science Center)


Teams are comprised of local businesses and nonprofits who work together to promote their missions while raising funds and awareness about the positive impact they have on our Central Maryland community. The participation fee for teams is $2,500, which includes a building space, Habitat Chesapeake staff support prior to and at the event, team signage and promotion and an unlimited number of team members.

Check out this video of the 2013 HabiTown Challenge, as well as the teams and photos.

To learn more about this event, please contact our Events Manager.

The History

In 2012, Habitat Chesapeake conceived an idea for a signature fall event that was rooted in our desire to build partnerships and strengthen communities. We wanted to mount an event that involved the entire community, while bringing nonprofits together to communicate their various missions. We also wanted this new event to have a festival-like atmosphere that involves on-site building—with lots of fun, loads of interactivity and plenty of creativity!

On September 28, 2013, Habitat Chesapeake kicked off the first HabiTown Challenge at Baltimore Inner Harbor’s West Shore Park. More than 1,000 attendees and participants helped raise thousands of dollars for local nonprofits while establishing a community event unlike any other.

The Build

Teams will come together to compete in building a structure, in three hours or less, that represents an essential piece of a typical Central Maryland Town. In the past teams have built skyscrapers, houses, stores, schools, community centers, and even bus stops. Teams are responsible for acquiring the building materials and creating their own design. However, points are given based on creativity and distinctiveness, so using unconventional materials is highly encouraged.

The Perks

Aside from the festival atmosphere, live music and local food trucks, this event involves a friendly team building competition—all for a good cause. Participating teams set a fundraising goal and use this event as a means to support their favorite nonprofit. Teams will be competing to win cash prizes for their structure’s creativity, environmental friendliness, design, and mission focus.

2015 Awards

Each award-winning team will be presented with a gift basket (or toolbox) filled with goodies from local businesses and a $1,000 check to be donated to their non-profit of choice.

Most Creative

Will be awarded to the team whose structure is deemed the most imaginative or has an unconventional design.

Most Environmentally Friendly

Will be awarded to the team making the biggest impact on our environment by leaving the smallest footprint. This team will have made an effort to build with recycled materials or identify an afterlife for their structure.

Most Mission Driven

Will be awarded to the team whose structure best communicates their mission.

Most Impressive Design

Will be awarded to the team whose jaw-dropping structure doesn’t just stand on its own, but demonstrates a real appreciation for architectural design.

People’s Choice

Will be awarded to the team who has received the most votes from the public for their overall efforts.

The Rules

Participants must be at least 16 years old, sign a liability waiver, and identify with a team.

Teams must choose a team name, identify what type of community structure they will be building, and turn in their registration packet with participation fee ($2,500).

The Structure must be no larger than 8 feet wide and 8 feet long, represent a community entity, constructed in three hours and deconstructed in less than one hour at the end of the day. Teams are also encouraged to use recycled materials and to design their structure with the purpose of being used beyond this event (play house, tool hut, garden shed, etc.). For examples of last year’s structures, visit the 2013 HabiTown Challenge photo gallery.